Only Fun. No Fuss.

You will not find an easier golf competition to be part of.
Just post scores from your rounds and you are in business.

2022 Spring Season: Apr 18th - Jun 26th

• Season points race

• Double Peoria system

• Winning possibilities for all skill levels

Season Dues: $25
Prize pool keeps growing with participants;
to be paid out to top 30%


Points are allocated for score on each hole:

Birdie or better: 4 points
Par: 2 points
Bogey: 1 point
Double: 0 points
Triple or worse: -1 points

- Every Monday, 12 random hole numbers are picked for the previous week.

- From your first round for the week, points made in those 12 random holes multiplied by 1.5 gives the Peoria target.

- Playing target is based on your Handicap IndexTM or past points performance (quota*) and the chosen tees.

- Final target is the best of Peoria target and Playing target.

- Net score = Total points made on 18 holes minus Final target.

- Leaderboards are based on Net score.

Play atleast 5 rounds in season to be eligible for season points race Leaderboards updated every Monday morning.

-* Quota is reset every Monday to reflect player's best scoring ability week after week

-It is increased by 1 for every 2 points scored above target and decreased by 1 for every 4 points scored below target

Leaderboards updated every Monday morning.


What do I win?

Prize pool keeps growing with participants; to be paid out to top 30%

Gift certificates for total earnings will be provided at the end of the season;
reimbursable on Proshop for gift cards and merchandise from local golf courses.

Can I compete with multiple rounds in a week?

Only the first posted score for the week will be considered.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund season dues.