• ...because golf is even more fun 
     when a little something is riding on it.

    At eClub.golf every golf round is exciting and rewarding.

    Larger tournaments are either too expensive and mainly target better players or are a tad too serious.
    While scrambles don’t feel like a proper competition, leagues can be restrictive in terms of when and where you play.

    We addressed all that on eClub.golf making competition golf fun, accessible, convenient and transparent.

    All levels of play

    Whether a hacker or a hot shot, anyone playing close to one’s own ability has a fighting chance.

    Your TOUR on your terms

    You set your format, course, times and with whom - expand the roster even beyond your own city/state.


    With nominal sign up dues and 70% given back to prize pools, we are more interested in what ‘you’ get.